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Unlock Your Future

The Association Connecting Electronics Industries, also known as IPC (formerly known as the Institute for Printed Circuits, hence the acronym) is a worldwide organization that pursues standardizing the requirements of assembly and production of electronic equipment. Founded in 1957, the organization continually develops global standards for the electronics industry. Printed circuit boards were developed in [...]

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School is Back in Season

You’re thinking of going back to school. You know you are technically inclined, but don’t have much specialized education in a technical field. You want to jump in, but it can be tough to figure out where to start. Perhaps it’s time to consider a certification in soldering from Blackfox. There are job openings, room [...]

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How Training Veterans Can Change the World

We at the Blackfox Training Institute can not promote our Veteran’s Training Program enough—we are so excited and proud of this incredible program that we provide. This program not only helps our veterans, but it helps the world at large, as upon completion of the course, veterans can qualify for employment in aerospace, defense, medical [...]

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3 Important Ways to Support Veterans

Since we at Blackfox, a state of the art training center for ipc have our very own Veteran’s Training Program, veterans are particularly near and dear to our heart—we have a strong connection to these men and women who have served our country. With that said, we realize that not everyone knows a veteran or [...]

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Blackfox: Hand Soldering Basics

Soldering is a complex task that requires much precision on the part of the operator. With enough practice, one can gain a better understanding of the tools and techniques, thereby improving productivity and quality and decreasing the risk of board damage. Discussed in this blog are some of the basics of hand soldering—note that this [...]

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Blackfox: IPC Inspection Guidelines

IPC inspection guidelines exist to ensure the proper functioning of electronics and the safety and wellbeing of the people using them. The Acceptable Quality Level (also known as the Acceptance Quality Limit or AQL) dictates the range of the number of defective components that is considered acceptable when random sampling during inspection and the maximum [...]

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Blackfox: A History of the GI Bill

Many veterans today enjoy the various benefits associated with the GI Bill. But have you ever wondered why that is, or how the GI Bill even came about? This blog explores a brief history of the GI Bill. The GI Bill, otherwise known as the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, was such a controversial piece [...]

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Blackfox: Printed Circuit Board Basics

The printed circuit board (PCB) is one of the key concepts in electronics manufacturing. The PCB was born out of a need to reduce the size and manufacturing costs of electronics as electronics became more prevalent in consumer goods. Essentially, a PCB is a board that has lines and pads that connect various points together. [...]

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Blackfox: The Basics of Soldering

The art and science of soldering is one that takes a lot of practice. While over time one can perfect their soldering technique, this blog provides a basic introduction to soldering. There are four major factors that affect the quality of a soldered joint—cleanliness, temperature, time, and adequate solder coverage. Each of these factors is [...]

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Blackfox: Trade School vs. College: Which Is Right For Me?

On the mind of many high school students and their parents is the question, “What comes next?” In many high schools, a lot of emphasis is placed on the college path. While there is no doubt that college can be an incredible experience personally, socially, and professionally and can open up many opportunities for students, [...]

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