6.0 Blackfox Customizable Solder Training

Course Description:
Do you have inexperienced or brand new soldering operators that need beginner-level solder training? This modularized training is designed to maximize your training investment by effectively explaining the basics and then focusing on the areas that are affecting your product quality. In this course, learners are given detailed explanations as to the consequences of taking short-cuts, mixing chemistries, and/or not following best manufacturing techniques for creating/fixing solder connections.

Every customer has unique needs when it comes to solder training. Training the technical aspects of soldering is essential to success, whether you are working with tin/lead or lead-free solders. This flexible class allows you to pick and choose exactly which areas need focus, without spending time on anything that is not necessary. Our modules provide an in-depth study of:

Module 1 – Theory (Required)

  • Solder preparation:
    • Soldering iron/tip maintenance
    • Tip selection – size & temperature
    • Solder wire – composition, melting temperatures
    • Flux types, activity level, core percentage,
  • Risks associated with leaving flux residues on the PCB
  • Risks associated with mixing chemistries
  • Industry acceptable methods for creating solder connections
  • Meeting cleaning requirements
  • Solder connection acceptability (to industry standards)
  • Development of specific skills

Module 2 – Terminal and Post Soldering (Optional)

Module 3 – Through Hole Soldering (Optional)

Module 4 – Surface Mount Soldering (Optional)

Module 5 – Specialized Training (Optional)

  • Customized to meet your company’s unique requirements i.e. Rework, PCB Modification. Specialized Techniques, etc.

Assessments to confirm skill levels for learner’s current job requirements will be conducted. This may include Terminal Soldering, Through Hole Soldering, Surface Mount Soldering, or a combination of all these skills. Module 5 will be designed & taught based on our customer’s specific need.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, participants will receive Blackfox certification.

Standard or custom skill training can be included by allowing additional training time. Contact Blackfox for details.

Prerequisite: None
*Class Length:
Basics of Hand Soldering – Module 1 Included with module(s)
Terminal/Post Soldering – Module 2 8 Hours Optional
Through-Hole Soldering – Module 3 8 Hours Optional
Surface Mount Soldering – Module 4 8 Hours Optional
Module 5 To be Determined-based on customer request

Certification Length: 24 months
(Unless other arrangements are made).

Price: Contact us for pricing
*Please specify Tin/Lead and/or Lead Free
Solder requirements

* To schedule this training or for hosting in your area please contact Blackfox. Quantity discounts will apply.