1.0 Training for Impact

This course is an intensive approach for companies who are serious about using training to solve operational problems.

Learners will apply the fundamentals of course development and program delivery. Learners will design and practice delivery of a course, implementing a measurable system of learning (through performance-based objectives) utilizing “Adult Learning Principles.” Learners will design performance-specific course evaluations, and apply that data throughout the organization.

Learners are requested to bring a real and existing training problem as the foundation for the course they will design and deliver.


During this course, learners will:

  • Describe three elements of a performance-based training objective.
  • Describe the characteristics of specific training populations so that their training needs and challenges are met.
  • Identify all of the elements necessary to familiarize themselves with an existing training program.
  • Demonstrate methods for choosing and adapting training approaches for specific training populations, while effectively applying adult learning principles.
  • Demonstrate two methods of group instruction which include practical exercises
  • Deliver a 10-minute videotaped presentation for self-critique, and facilitate a group discussion, with no more than two aberrant (incorrect) behaviors in its delivery.
  • Identify five common classroom student-learning challenges, and apply possible and effective solutions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively cope with at least 10 dysfunctional classroom situations.
  • Design an effective evaluation tool to debrief the course they design.


  • Participant’s Handbook, including, resources for additional learning and future reference
  • A short training course, tailored for your company, which the participant has designed
  • An individualized “exit” interview, during which the participant and instructor outline ideas and suggestions for future personal training development.

Prerequisite: None
Class Length: 10 days
Price: Call for quote*
Certification: Certificate of Mastery

* To schedule this training or for hosting in your area please contact us. Quantity discounts will apply.

2.0 Peer Trainer

All manufacturing and service related organizations expect their experienced employees to provide some, if not all, of the task-related training a new employee will receive. Those designated trainers must be given the opportunity to produce well qualified employees that turn out consistently high products or services. The only way to ensure such an outcome is to teach these designated trainers a structured approach. This course does just that.


By the end of this course, the designated trainer will have the knowledge to effectively train a new or transferred employee in the performance of an assigned company task. This knowledge will include knowing how to create a good working environment for the learner, how to use existing task-related documents to instill good working habits in the learner, and how to assess whether or not the learner is ready to work independently.


  • One participants’ booklet
  • One copy of the DOVE Principle
  • One copy of the “PFD Homework Assignment”
  • One copy of the “Questioning and Listening Techniques Homework Assignment”
  • One copy of the “Personality Styles Homework Assignment” for each participant
  • One copy of the “Preferred Sensory Style Homework Assignment”
  • One copy of “Sherlock’s Listening Tips” for each participant
  • One copy of the “Aid to Writing Objective Statements”
  • One copy of the Apprentice Wizard School, Whisk-away Coin Trick procedural document
  • One copy of the Whisk-away Coin Trick qualification check sheet
  • One copy of the Peer Trainer qualification check sheet
  • One copy of the “Training Preparation Check Sheet”

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, participants will receive Blackfox certification.

Prerequisite: Experienced Subject Matter Expert
Class Length: 3 days
Price: Call for quote*
Certification: Certificate of Mastery

* To schedule this training or for hosting in your area please contact us. Quantity discounts will apply.