This course is designed to familiarize the learner with the details included in specific sections of the MIL-STD 883 Test Method Standard Microcircuits. This may be used in conjunction with your company’s internal documents. This course consists of lecture and hands-on sections, using a microscope with actual parts (high and low power) and video presentations of anomalies. This will teach new inspectors inspection skills and enhance inspector skills for those with previous or partial inspection skills. Contact us for schedule and pricing.

Mil-STD-883 Course

  • Section 2009 Low Power/ wires package conditions external visual and high power
  • Section 2010 Monolithic (single die) inspection
  • Section 2017 Wires/ Package Conditions
  • Section 2032 Hybrid packages (multiple die and passive components/ substrates) Low and High Power

What the Learner Receives:

  • Student manual
  • Blackfox Certification
  • Course duration for Mil-STD 883: 1 day
  • Certification valid for 12 months