The Workshop or Certification programs are chiefly created to detect counterfeit products upon their receipt. ProSkill CTG identifies all components purchased through non-authorized suppliers as suspected-counterfeit until the component is proven otherwise by a series of component inspection check points, basic testing, etc. This applies only to components purchased from a supplier who has not been authorized/licensed by the original component manufacturer to distribute/sell their product lines.

Refurbished components are the major baseline of counterfeit material. Without a control recognition process and a customer concession process in place, a company is at a major risk of installing parts that have not been correctly refurbished in a controlled manner, thereby compromising the integrity of their entire system. The ProSkill CTG Workshop/Certification programs explain how to recognize used/refurbished components, and fully explain the definition of a counterfeit product as it applies to refurbished material.

Know Your Counterfeit Component Inspection Check Points! The certification course will detail the detection and recognition of below standard and counterfeit components. In this course, you will learn how to recognize the telltale markings necessary to screen out suspect counterfeit components. Rick will also have placard sets that contains images of actual counterfeit components side by side authentic component samples. Both programs offer hundreds of images of counterfeit and substandard characteristics, along with videos demonstrating the counterfeiting process—specifically the negligent, uncontrolled, and crude refurbishing process.

The certification program PRO-STD-001 concludes with a final examination, and a serialized certificate of completion is presented to everyone successfully passing the exam.

Who Should Attend: Military/Depot and field repair technicians, Inwards goods inspectors for both EMS and OEM companies. Military and Commercial Contract Manufacturing individuals, (i.e. process and quality control engineers,) test technicians, in-process inspectors, outwards goods inspectors, test engineers, supply chain managers, manufacturing and production managers, test technicians, purchasing managers and officers, buyers, supplier quality engineers, non-OEM authorized component suppliers, component and design engineers, and anyone who has an interest in ensuring Counterfeit Electronic Components do not impact their end product, systems, or services they supply.

PRO-STD-001 Certification/Workshop Outlines

  1. The definition and understanding of what implicates a counterfeit electronic component per SAE AS5553, a counterfeit component standard used as a guide/model for all ProSkill CTG courses/programs.
  2. Documented examples of major military systems compromised by unknowingly installing counterfeit electronic replacement parts
  3. Multiple examples of counterfeit parts and visual representations of suspect and counterfeit parts that have been intercepted using ProSkill CTG’s basic counterfeit check points.
  4. Images of component internal dies with wire bond deformities provided by a US based X-Ray Equipment manufacturer who travelled to China to procure parts directly from Shenzhen’s Component Mall.
  5. The importance of developing and implementing a robust internal Counterfeit Component detection procedure
  6. How to develop a screening process for parts including visual inspection, testing, and other detection means
  7. What testing processes should be used, and how the results detect counterfeit parts and their effectiveness
  8. Supplier audit and qualification requirements
  9. Implementing your own detection, inspection and prevention program.
  10. Supplier flow down requirements per the AS5553 standard.
  11. How to disposition counterfeit components, impounding, public database reporting, database management.
  12. Counterfeit Component Check Sheet; inspect against a list of typical and current detection points, referenced as counterfeit component indicators.
  13. The recently signed DoD federal law, HR1540 Section 818 defined.
  14. What a Military Repair Depot needs to be aware of before installing replacement parts ordered from the supplier who in turn purchased the part from a non-franchised unauthorized component supplier normally referenced as a “Brokers/Independent Distributors”.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1: Workshop (4 hours,) FAQ dependent, concludes with attendance certificate. This workshop is a basic introduction program for the detection and prevention of counterfeit electronic components. In addition the workshop prepares the individual for successfully passing ProSkill CTG’s advanced PRO-STD-001 certificate course and final exam.

PRO-STD-001 Certification Course Schedule

Day 1: Advanced Counterfeit Component Detection and Prevention Certification Course, PRO-STD-001, 6 hours.

Day 2: Course overview (4 hours.) Final Exam administered, consisting of 60 Questions, open notes/placard set allowed during test. The Exams are corrected, PRO-STD-001 serialized competency certificates are awarded to all those who successfully pass this final examination. The advanced certificate course PRO-STD-001 includes a full ProSkill CTG Placard set and ProSkill CTG’s PRO-STD-001 serialized certificate of competency.

Custom Progressive Course

This course is taught in two tiers and can be attended concurrently or just the Awareness Workshop independently.

Day 1: The Awareness Workshop is a basic introduction program and preparation for the advanced PRO-STD-001 Certification Course. This is a great course for those that require a basic awareness of the processes for detecting and Certification.

Day 2: The PRO-STD-001 Certification Course is an advanced course that includes a full ProSkill Placard set and a 60 question exam leading to the PRO-STD-001 serialized certificate of competency.

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