IPC “Certified IPC Specialist (CIS)”
Qualification and Performance Specification
for Rigid Boards

Course Description

This course covers qualification and performance of rigid printed boards, including single-sided, double-sided, with or without plated-through holes, multilayer with or without blind/buried vias, and metal core boards. It addresses final finish and surface plating coating requirements, conductors, holes/vias, frequency of acceptance testing and quality conformance, as well as electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements.


Learners will have the ability to understand criteria such as:

  • Material selection for procurement
  • Surface finishes
  • Hole plating thickness
  • Copper cap plating of filled holes
  • Laminate cracks, voids, measling & weave exposure
  • Acceptance testing and frequency
  • Separate requirements for Space and Military Avionics applications

Students will demonstrate knowledge of the IPC-6012 performance and qualification criteria by successfully passing an open book written exam.

Students will receive a Certified IPC Specialist certificate with an overall score of 70% or better on classroom written exams.


  • IPC-6012 Manual
  • IPC “Certified IPC Specialist (CIS)” Certificate

Prerequisite: None
Length of Course: 3.5 Days
Price: Call for quote*
Certification Length: 24 months