The Association Connecting Electronics Industries, also known as IPC (formerly known as the Institute for Printed Circuits, hence the acronym) is a worldwide organization that pursues standardizing the requirements of assembly and production of electronic equipment. Founded in 1957, the organization continually develops global standards for the electronics industry.

Printed circuit boards were developed in the early 1900s, with Thomas Edison playing a part, using linen paper and conductors. By 1943, the US employed circuit boards for proximity fuses used in World War II. The technology was released to the public in 1948, and became commonplace by the mid-1950s. IPC became involved shortly thereafter. You can read a copy of the first instruction book published by IPC here, circa 1958.

By completing the appropriate training and obtaining IPC certification, you make yourself marketable to any company where there is electronic manufacturing. You also develop an understanding of materials, diagramming, and designing electronic assemblies. In this technological age, this is certainly a valuable asset.

Blackfox’s authorized IPC Certification classes educate you in the current IPC standards pertaining to electronic assemblies, printed circuit boards, cable and wire harness assemblies, rigid printed boards, soldering, and rework/modification processes. Blackfox Institute isn’t just any trade school, our experienced instructors strive to instill knowledge and confidence in each student, so you graduate with a true feeling of accomplishment and excitement for your new future in electronics.

There are jobs available now for IPC Certified technicians! Blackfox Institute partners with many companies actively looking for newly qualified personnel. Check out our course calendar for your next opportunity at your new career. We offer classes in Longmont, CO; Phoenix, AZ; Guadalajara, Hermosillo, and Tijuana, Mexico; Singapore; and Penang, Malaysia. Be sure to call (888) 837-9959 to confirm availability. You can also email Sharon at [email protected] to answer any questions you may have, she’s happy to help