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Monthly Archives: May 2017


Happy Memorial Day from Blackfox!

When many of us think of Memorial Day, we often think of days off from school and work and the beginning of summer. Several Americans will be celebrating this weekend with family barbecues, picnics, pool parties, and all other kinds of fun in the sun. But have you ever thought about the historical significance of [...]

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A History of IPC

In many of Blackfox’s course titles you’ll find the initials IPC next to the course number. Do you ever find yourself wondering what IPC stands for or what it’s all about? There’s a fascinating history behind the IPC, both the name and the organization itself, which we will discuss in this blog. In 1957, a [...]

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Blackfox: Why Get Certified?

Many professionals who have been working for many years probably feel very comfortable in their careers and confident in their skill sets. However, one of the few things that’s absolutely guaranteed in life is change. Oftentimes people who have been working the same job for decades might wish to pursue something different. And even if [...]

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The Blackfox Advanced Manufacturing Program for Military Veterans

The Blackfox Advanced Manufacturing Program for Military Veterans

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