Blackfox’s Lead Free Soldering series minimizes the risks of conversion, and gives you the confidence to introduce lead free products and services quickly and with highest quality. The lead free certification program offers the latest requirements for SMT and TH components, according to latest IPC acceptability guidelines.


The program provides hand soldering operators and inspectors with a step-by-step approach to lead free soldering processes. It details the variables that needs special attention in ensuring the quality of soldering techniques, and preventing defects and repairs. Explore the impacts of adding lead free soldering alloys and fluxes, including contaminate-free soldering irons, tips, sponges, and everything that comes in contact with the soldering process.



  • Knowledge, skills, and techniques required
  • Thorough hands-on experience in a fully equipped classroom
  • Industry best practices in lead free soldering to save countless labor-hours in development & implementation process
  • Instructional materials necessary to qualify learners
  • Lead free soldering certification upon successful completion of the course


The Lead Free Soldering course is designed to teach the fundamental skills and knowledge of lead free soldering and its impact on the soldering processes. Anyone involved in the assembly of electronics with Wires & Terminals, Through-Hole and Surface Mount, and Rework & Repair of components in a lead free environment should attend this class.


Eliminate the fear and apprehension of incorporating a lead free process. Blackfox offers Lead Free Soldering courses regularly in Longmont, CO or schedules on-site classes at your request. Contact us to find out the most cost-effective, low-risk way to certify your employees in Lead Free environment.