High temp soldering is a hands-on course designed for those who have previous soldering experience and require an in-depth review of HMP soldering fundamentals, proper soldering methods, equipment care, ESD, safety, and general requirements for soldering electronic assemblies.


There are many situations in electronics manufacturing where it is necessary to use high melting-point solder. The act of implementing HMP solder will require soldering temperatures that are higher than standard Sn/Pb eutectic solders. Manufacturers soldering at high temperatures need to be aware of a few simple rules to prevent catastrophic component or board failures.


Each learner will gain the knowledge necessary to ensure quality skills and the latest acceptable workmanship requirements for all classes of products for soldering and reworking connections using HMP solders.



Upon successfully completing this learning activity, attendee will have received:

  • Common Safety Rules for Hand Soldering.
  • ESD and PCB Handling.
  • Soldering iron and solder tip maintenance guidelines.
  • Methods for choosing the correct Tip-Temperature and Size.
  • HMP Solder and Flux chemistry and why they are used.
  • Create acceptable solder joints using HMP solder.
  • Cleaning the PCB.
  • Inspect work for conformance to the standards.
  • Rework Techniques


  • A student soldering manual with step-by-step instructions.
  • Workmanship PCB with components for practical exam.


Upon satisfactory completion of the written and practical exam, participants will receive Blackfox certification valid for 24 months.


Prerequisite: Previous Soldering Skills
Class Length: 2-days


Blackfox’s high temp soldering training and certification is an important step your company can make to live up to IPC’s soldering standards. Send your key production personnel to our high temp soldering training and be a benchmark of quality in the electronics industry.