This program involves Blackfox managing your training program in its entirety. We place a certified Blackfox Instructor(s) at your facility full- or part-time, and support their activities with our team of experts. Through this involvement, we ensure bottom-line improvements, as a result of a well trained and qualified technical workforce.

Why Should I Use Blackfox?

Applying this complete systematic approach to your training process will lead to substantial improvements in quality, productivity, employee morale, and profit.


The “On-Site” program will have a direct, positive impact on your cost of quality. Customers that have applied this program are seeing returns of three, four, sometimes as high as ten dollars back in reduced quality costs for every dollar spent. Moreover, the money that would have been spent on appraisal, repair, and scrap costs is now being invested in prevention. Blackfox provides the following services which are included in the program:


  • Assessment of current employee skill levels
  • Training Program Development
  • Training Matrices
  • Competency Legends
  • BLACKFOX/IPC certification – ensuring best industry practices
  • Structuring to provide training for all essential elements of your manufacturing
  • Certification of your company as a “BLACKFOX CERTIFIED MANUFACTURER”
  • Management of re-certification and maintenance activities
  • Skills assessment of new-hire employees
  • Management of training records for easy “proof of training” to comply with ISO requirements
  • Systematic focus on root cause determination and defect elimination
  • Establishment of key performance indicators for your training program
  • Analysis and reporting of defect information and assistance in root cause elimination
Engineer Teaching Apprentices To Use Computerized Lathe

Program Phases

Phase I – Assessments and Recommendations

Phase II – Essential Training and Certification “On-Site” Trainer Placed in Customer Facility

Phase III – Systematic Focus on Defect Elimination

Phase IV – Custom Courses and Re-certification

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