Testimonials From Program Participants

We want to share our feedback with you concerning the Counterfeit Component Prevention class taught by Rick Stanton.  He is a great instructor, and his class was great.  The material was very informative, and we feel very informed and capable of managing our own program here at AMERGINT.  Rick’s lab was particularly good as it showed us real-life examples of what we are looking for.  The sharing of other available resources in the Counterfeit Parts Prevention domain was also invaluable for our potential future use.  We highly recommend this class to others who might be interested.  We think this class would benefit customers, OCMs, OEMs, independent distributors, and brokers alike.



Drew Walton
Quality Assurance Manager
AMERGINT Technologies Inc.

The PRO-STD-001 course is a must for those organization and professionals that are integrated in the electronic procurement, assembly, and inspection/verification process.


The course and instructor focus on the methodologies used today in counterfeiting devices and known quality inspection techniques, while following a strict criteria guideline for receiving inspection steps for detecting and testing components purchased through both the franchised and non-franchised distribution channels.


Both the instructor (Rick Stanton) and the course materials guide the students towards the implementation of effective control methodologies within their organization’s Quality Management Systems. In addition, students are tested at the end of the course to ensure that the topics and theory were grasped.


From this training, numerous processes and procedures at OnCore Manufacturing Services were updated to reflect the control points in the purchasing process and the material handling and receiving inspection steps within all sites, all while having robust control over questionable devices that are quarantined until proper authentication of the material can be established.

Highest Regards,


Tony Batalha
Vice President Corporate Quality & Lean
OnCore Maufacturing Services, LLC