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Blackfox is proud to be involved in the promotion of electronics manufacturing as a career for high school and college students.

Unfortunately, manufacturing is not typically at the top of your average high school or college student’s list of preferred careers – but it should be! High-tech manufacturing is a great career choice with many different positions suitable for the emerging workforce.

There are skilled labor manufacturing positions for high school graduates such as hand solderers, quality inspectors and machine operators. There are plenty of choices for 2 or 4 year college graduates such as manufacturing engineering, product design and project management.


Over 70% of electronics manufacturing companies in the USA face a shortage of qualified workers. Blackfox is actively involved in bridging the gap between good high-tech manufacturing jobs and the emerging workforce. In addition to providing training to young workers, Blackfox has sponsored STEM outreach programs and partnered with school districts and organizations to get the emerging workforce excited about jobs in electronics manufacturing.

Here is a partial list of current emerging workforce projects Blackfox is involved with:

IPC STEM Outreach Experience at IPC APEX EXPO:

Blackfox has been a sponsor for the event and provided training materials and instruction to teach over a hundred local high school students how to solder.

Saint Vrain Valley School District Advanced Manufacturing Academy:

Blackfox is proud to be a member of the advisory committee to create this one-of-a-kind series of high school courses. Saint Vrain Valley School District in Longmont, CO has created a multi-year series of courses where students will learn about all aspects of high tech advanced manufacturing including electronics manufacturing.

School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP):

Blackfox is actively involved in SWAP events around northern Colorado by advising young adults looking for a career in electronics manufacturing. SWAP is a program from the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation designed for young adults with employment needs to become competitively employed and achieve successful community outcomes.