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August 27 – 28, Phoenix, AZ

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Sharon Montana-Beard
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ProSkill CTG Counterfeit Component Prevention Training

  • Hundreds of actual suspect counterfeit components displayed throughout the course, all found during real
    time counterfeit component prevention inspection.
  • Several impact videos demonstrating issues related to suspect counterfeit components.
  • Critical information related to what counterfeiters are currently doing, and what we are up against today.
  • Recent Counterfeit Component Statistics and Charting
  • The second day of the course offers an interactive lab, every participant is required to view 3 components
    displayed by the instructor using a high powered endoscope set at 200x. Each participant inspects each of
    their three (3) different components to determine their quality and decide which is suspect and which are
    okay to use, this data is stored in our database as part of each participants certification.
  • Actual examples of many military Systems and even a Nuclear Power Plant equipped with suspect counterfeit
    electronic piece parts.
  • Demonstration of ProSkill CTG’s basic counterfeit component check points, an excellent tool used when
    inspecting components from a non OCM authorized distributor, a must have.
  • X-ray images of semiconductor defective and non defective internal wires and ball bonds per MIL-STD-883.
  • How to implement a robust internal counterfeit component prevention procedure.
  • The course details a strong a strong screening process, includes visual inspection, testing, and other real time
    detection methods.
  • 3rd party testing levels for risk aversion, testing charts that fully satisfy DoD traceability and their acceptance.
  • The course details terms and conditions between customer and component supplier, along with flow down
    requirements and supplier site auditing processes per SAE AS6081 protocol.
  • Offered is an immediate counterfeit component procedure template, an extremely useful template.
  • How to verify supplier flow down requirements per the AS5553B standard.
  • Course explains how to disposition counterfeit components, the impounding of suspect material, public
    database reporting, and database management using GEIDEP or IHS.
  • Overview US Federal Law, HR1540 section 818, includes first time offense and fines.
  • Suspect counterfeit component inspection categories: Category 1: (Packaging), Category 2: (Documentation),
    Category 3: (Part Markings), and Category 4: (Visual Inspection).
  • Course explains an Escrow payment plan for making payment to a non authorized component supplier.
  • Course details information and several tips on how our procurement process training prevents suspect parts
    from being delivered to your receiving dock by using our exclusive step “0” plan.
  • Final Exam/Certificate presentation
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PRO-STD-001 Certification Course Schedule

Day 1: Advanced Counterfeit Component Detection and Prevention Certification Course, PRO-STD-001, 6>< hours.

Day 2: Course overview, (appx. 4 hours.) Final Exam administered, consist of 60 Questions, open notes/placard set allowed during test. The Exams are corrected, PRO-STD-001 serialized competency certificates are awarded to all those who successfully pass this final examination. The advanced certificate course PRO-STD-001 includes a full ProSkill CTG Placard set and ProSkill CTG’s PRO-STD-001 serialized certificate of competency.