Many Instructors struggle with the development of internal learning materials. Our course designers have vast experience in developing and analyzing learning materials. We can assist your Instructors with these processes.


  • Blackfox’s team of experts will evaluate your current training materials to ensure sound instructional design principles are incorporated
  • Evaluation involves a review of your objectives to ensure performance, condition, and criterion is included
  • Your current training materials will be compared with your expectations to ensure appropriate learning techniques, practices, and media forms have been clearly defined
  • Blackfox will ensure material content and course evaluations are designed for delivery without bias
  • We will also assess your training modules to ensure they have been structured into manageable units of learning and tasks, in order to ensure that the needs of your adult learners have been met


Blackfox can perform this service at your location or ours. Contact Blackfox to learn more about this program.