There are many instances where companies require specific training materials to meet their needs. Blackfox will modify existing material or develop custom courses for your unique learning requirements.


Blackfox believes all training should be developed with the organization as well as the individual in mind. Our courses are developed using a competency-based structure. The purpose of competency-based training is to develop a well-trained and competent workforce.


Our designers work closely with instructors, managers, supervisors, and “subject matter” experts to identify the objectives and content for learning. Our courses are designed to be clear, provide measurable standards of performance, and reflect the expectations of performance in the workplace of our clients.


  • Design with the adult learner in mind
  • Build in activities which allow learners equal opportunity to give input, based on the knowledge they bring to the training
  • Establish small-organized elements of learning
  • Divide tasks into manageable structured segments
  • Learning modules are structured into units of 3 to 5 lessons per unit
  • Allow abundant practice time for practical application


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