Blackfox Training Institute and ProSkill CTG have partnered in a joint training effort. We now offer a two (2) day training certificate course on counterfeit component prevention

Together, Blackfox and ProSkill CTG offer a unique two (2) day certificate course, PRO-STD-001, a comprehensive training program on Counterfeit Component Prevention.  The program is a detail specialty course packed with pertinent information on this high-profile topic to help your company prevent the invasion of counterfeit electronic components, this course is current and full of useful information. It is not derived from a self-teaching CD or non-factual information from the internet. It is from actual finds and experiences during real-time counterfeit component prevention inspection. ProSkill CTG had also partnered with Global ETS (Electronic Testing Services). A ProSkill CTG strategic choice, this partnership affords detail information on what the majority of counterfeiters of Electronic Components are attempting to get a way with, this information is priceless, it is shocking and disturbing. Global ETS is a valid testing service company approved by the Department of Defense.

The DoD approved standard SAE AS5553B Paragraph 3.1.1 states:


“Relevant personnel, including those involved with program management, projects procurement, quality assurance, inspection, receiving, manufacturing, and engineering activities shall be trained as appropriate to their function, in the awareness, avoidance, detection, mitigation, and disposition of suspect or confirmed counterfeit EEE parts. Training shall be updated parodically to address changes in counterfeit information and trends”.

Our two (2) day certificate course encompasses the appropriate training mentioned in the above SAE AS5553B paragraph 3.1.1. For a proposal/quote and scheduling availability, please contact Sharon Montana-Beard at Blackfox Training Institute, 1- 303-684-0135. In addition please feel free to contact Rick Stanton directly at ProSkill CTG, 1-321-987-0153 for any technical information you may need regarding the content of this course.

ProSkill CTG and business partners Blackfox Training Institute and Global ETS are proud to offer your company our well-established and current counterfeit component prevention course. We do feel it is the BEST counterfeit component prevention
training course available in the United States and the world today.

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