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Monthly Archives: August 2017


Blackfox: Trade School vs. College: Which Is Right For Me?

On the mind of many high school students and their parents is the question, “What comes next?” In many high schools, a lot of emphasis is placed on the college path. While there is no doubt that college can be an incredible experience personally, socially, and professionally and can open up many opportunities for students, [...]

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Blackfox: Projected Increase in Military Electronics Spending

The military electronics industry is booming. During the 2017 fiscal year, which begins this October, the US military electronics budget is set to increase significantly. The US Department of Defense is asking Congress for $10.74 billion for procurement and research in military communications, electronics, telecommunications, and intelligence technologies. This projected budget is the highest it [...]

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Blackfox: Detecting Counterfeit Components.

Counterfeit products are becoming more and more prevalent these days. They have begun to infiltrate various industries, including the electronics industry. Luckily there are professionals who are trained to detect counterfeit electronic components. Discussed below are some of the processes they use. Incoming Inspection: Inspection starts with checking the boxes for shipping damage or evidence [...]

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Blackfox: Veterans and Education

The post-9/11 GI Bill is making it easier than ever for US military veterans to attend college. Passed in 2008, the bill pays in-state tuition to institutions that veterans and their dependents attend. It also provides students with a stipend for books, supplies, and housing. Between 2000 and 2012, nearly 1 million veterans received education [...]

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New Campus to Help Vets, Manufacturers

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