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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Electronics Assembly Training for IPC Certification: Where to Start?

The IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies, is the most widely used standard published by the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, and is implemented worldwide by original equipment manufacturers and electronic manufacturing services (EMS). EMS designs, manufactures, tests, distributes, and repairs electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The services provided by EMS are also [...]

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Unlock Your Future

The Association Connecting Electronics Industries, also known as IPC (formerly known as the Institute for Printed Circuits, hence the acronym) is a worldwide organization that pursues standardizing the requirements of assembly and production of electronic equipment. Founded in 1957, the organization continually develops global standards for the electronics industry. Printed circuit boards were developed in [...]

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How Training Veterans Can Change the World

We at the Blackfox Training Institute can not promote our Veteran’s Training Program enough—we are so excited and proud of this incredible program that we provide. This program not only helps our veterans, but it helps the world at large, as upon completion of the course, veterans can qualify for employment in aerospace, defense, medical [...]

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3 Important Ways to Support Veterans

Since we at Blackfox, a state of the art training center for ipc have our very own Veteran’s Training Program, veterans are particularly near and dear to our heart—we have a strong connection to these men and women who have served our country. With that said, we realize that not everyone knows a veteran or [...]

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