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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Why Is The Spotlight Now On Lead-Free Soldering?

Nowadays, electronics equipment manufacturing companies place great importance on lead-free soldering. Truthfully, there are significant concerns as to how much lead is entering our environment. As a consequence of these matters, there has been a growing shift towards lead-free soldering, resulting from legislation in several segments of the globe. This new world trend means that [...]

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How IPC Training and Veterans Can Benefit Each Other

IPC training for soldering circuit boards for electronics is a great way to start a new career and an approved private occupational school is an excellent way for veterans to make a switch. The unemployment rate for Gulf War II-era veterans in October 2017 was 3.6%, which is just under the national rate and shrinking [...]

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Why Get An IPC Certificate For Soldering from Blackfox?

In the electronics and electrical industries, soldering is a much valued and needed skill as it establishes strong connections in printed circuit boards and across wires. In essence, you could say that these fields could not manufacture products without trained IPC certification holders. What Exactly Is Soldering? And, What Is Solder? Solder, a metal alloy [...]

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