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Monthly Archives: January 2018


IPC Certification Can Lead to a Career in Many Interesting Industries!

If you are looking for an exciting job, then perhaps you will be interested in obtaining an IPC Certification through Blackfox to open up or expand your career possibilities. Electronic systems technicians in Colorado will be glad to know that many job fields and career paths become available upon receiving the proper IPC training and [...]

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EXPO Manufactura Tradeshow in Monterrey

Manufacturing 4.0 - competitiveness through extreme productivity

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What Can I Do As A Colorado Certified Electronics Technician?

What exactly does electronic technician training in Colorado teach? What can you do with this type of technical training? Simply put, electronic techs train to repair circuit boards, computers, electronics, and electric equipment - skills that are presently in high demand. You will learn to assemble and solder electronic components on a variety of circuit [...]

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