IC Leads                                                                    Gold Plated Module Lead
Contaminated Leads                                                  Lead Re-attachment

Documented by the Department of Commerce, Counterfeit Electronic components have
now infiltrated 40% of the US Pentagon’s supply chain. No longer can we turn a deaf ear or
look the other way.  The subject is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about if
counterfeit material invades your immediate supply chain.  It has reached an epidemic level
worldwide.  The effects are astonishing: in our research, 98% of the organizations ProSkill
CTG has worked with in one form or another have been affected by counterfeit electronic

It is no speculation to state that every large and small contract manufacturer
in the world has had their own run-in with suspect counterfeit electronic components.  The
problem has escalated over the past few years, making product sales from counterfeiting
astronomical.  It is estimated that over 600 Billion dollars a year is made worldwide from the
sale of counterfeited products and knock offs.

Tantalum Capacitor                                       IC-Mold Pin Cavity
Sanded Handwritten                                     Sanded Blacktopped

The new US counterfeit component law HR1540 Section 818 was signed into effect on
December 31, 2011 by the President of the United States.  Training courses like what
ProSkill CTG offers explains this law in detail and what it actually means to your company.

Are you being defrauded by counterfeiters selling counterfeited material with the possibly
of it ending up in your customers product?  Quality contract manufacturers who include a
robust counterfeit parts protection program is important.  The more information presented,
the more you will know about counterfeit components and risk mitigation.

Creep Corrosion

The greatest concern globally is a national or international security breach or loss of life
as counterfeit electronic components continue to saturate supply chains around the world.

Electronic Manufacturing companies need to work together and commit to mitigating
the risk of counterfeit components.  Open conversation between customers, and
component suppliers is absolutely critical for the identification and management of risks
associated with counterfeit components.

Improved incoming inspection is crucial and must be in-place for counterfeit
component detection.  Internal component lot traceability systems should be used to track
components through the manufacturing process.

IC-Mold Pin Cavity
Country of Origin Typo

The chance for infiltration of counterfeit components into the supply chain increases
every step away from the OCM, (Original Component Manufacturer).
Original Equipment Manufacturers using EMS counterfeit prevention is a daunting chore.
The OEM’s exposure to the risks is directly tied to their Electronic Component Supplier. A
commitment preventing counterfeit components from entering their supply chain is
essential. Selecting a well-informed and subject-educated EMS (Electronic Manufacturing
Service) provider is critical in the prevention of counterfeit electronic components ending
up in military, medical, or commercial equipment.

IC-Mold Pin Cavity
Deformed Sanded Blacktopped

In closing, due diligence is the most important part of a strong defense against
counterfeit material.  Never leave anything to chance; maintaining your guard is the
strategy necessary for mitigating risk.  Preventing a counterfeit component invasion into
your supply chain is very possible, providing there is in place a systematic reduction of
exposure to the risk.

Adhering to the points mentioned above will for certain help your company in the
prevention of Counterfeit Components from entering your supply chain.


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