Comprehensive Lead Free or Tin Lead Soldering

This hands-on course is designed for those who have previous soldering experience and require an in-depth review of the fundamentals of soldering, proper soldering methods, equipment care, ESD, safety, and general requirements for soldering electronic assemblies. Each learner will gain the knowledge necessary to ensure quality skills, and the latest acceptable workmanship requirements for all classes of products for soldering, as well as touch-up of Terminals, Through Hole and Surface Mount components. This course also includes Fine Pitch Technology. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be assured that your workforce has a good understanding of the latest industry workmanship standards, and have learned latest methods to enhance the quality of their soldering.


  • Review of the latest industry standards.
  • Common Safety Rules for Hand Soldering
  • ESD and PCB Handling
  • Soldering iron and solder tip maintenance
  • Tip Selection- Temperature and Size
  • Solders and Flux
  • Correctly prepare and form wire for terminal and post soldering
  • Correctly form and insert through hole components
  • Correctly place surface mount components
  • Create acceptable solder joints to industry standards
  • Perform touch up tasks
  • Cleaning the PCB
  • Inspect work for conformance to the standards


  • Terminal & Post Soldering
  • Through Hole Soldering
  • Surface Mount Soldering


  • A student soldering manual with step-by-step instructions
  • Workmanship PCB with components for practical exam
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the written and practical exam, participants will receive Blackfox certification valid for 12 months.

Prerequisite: Previous Soldering Skills
Class Length: 1 – 2 days (depending on skill level)
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Certification Length: 12 months

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