Comprehensive Assessment – Blackfox’s team will define the gaps between current and desired organizational and individual performance. During this Needs Assessment, Blackfox’s team will identify any problems or issues to determine if there is a need for training and if training is the appropriate intervention.Training Program Support – Blackfox can compliment your current training program by periodically visiting your site to observe your training program progress and assist when changes or improvements to your program are indicated.

Training Material Evaluation – Many Instructors struggle with the development of internal learning materials. Our course designers have vast experience in developing and analyzing learning materials. We can assist your Instructors with new course development.

Course Development – There are many instances where companies require specific training materials to meet their unique training needs. Blackfox will modify existing material or develop custom courses to unique learning requirements.

Veteran’s Training – The objective of this employer-driven program is to offer the veteran who has little or no industry experience the highest level of EMS skills training and certification available, providing him or her with significant competitive advantage in competing for employment in the EMS industry. Blackfox trains veterans in employer-defined skills, on the employer’s timetable, to fill existing or projected vacancies at that company at no cost to the veteran or employer!

Workforce Development – Blackfox provides a complete, seamless workforce solution for our manufacturing clients from assessing, hiring, training, placing, and certifying the new manufacturing workforce. This Program is designed to support all manufacturing industries and job functions.