Improve the cost of hiring and reduce the cost of quality for our customers by providing the Manufacturing Industry with qualified and certified employees that are productive the first day on the job, with continuous skill development.


In conjunction with our Work Centers and Staffing Partners, Blackfox provides a complete, seamless workforce solution for our manufacturing clients from assessing, hiring, training, placing, and certifying the manufacturing workforce. This program is designed to support all manufacturing industries and job functions. The program is focused on improving quality and throughput of our client’s products while providing flexibility based on capacity requirements. Through this program, Blackfox will train and certify the manufacturing workforce on client specific business processes and workmanship standards.

The program is based on understanding of our client’s business requirements, and designing scalable solutions to address the specific needs of placing highly-qualified people trained with the client’s specific manufacturing processes. The performance based knowledge solutions enable us to add significant value to our clients by maximizing productivity and reducing the cost of quality.


To ensure that all Blackfox trained and certified manufacturing employees demonstrate the skills to successfully perform the assigned tasks the first day on-the-job.

Collaborate with our client to identify a method to validate the return on personnel investment

Ensure that the Training Program is in compliance to ISO 9000; 2000, AS9100, and their QMS requirements.


Need-Analysis and Training Development Plan:

  • Identify Client’s Skill Requirements by Function
  • Setup Training Matrix
  • Develop outline and objectives for each course
  • Collaborate with client to identify and develop visual aids

Individual Skill & Knowledge Assessment

  • Based upon the Training Matrix requirements
  • Assess Employee’s skills and knowledge
  • Certify those successfully meeting the requirements
  • Design Training Plan to address knowledge and skills “gaps”


  • Development of Client Specific Instructional Materials
  • Review Lesson Plans with Instructor
  • Establish Program Guidelines in alignment with ISO 9000; 2000 requirements
  • Provide new hire Skill and Knowledge Assessment Methods and Standards


  • On-going Program Audits
  • Instructor support and augmentation
  • Review of Training Evaluations and Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • Modification of materials as necessary
  • Review of Quality Metrics