An electronic manufacturing certification is an important certification that any electronics manufacturing or EMS company should obtain. Before you can get this certification, you must first send your key production employees through electronics manufacturing training – to hone their skills and make them aware of the standards of acceptability. It can be beneficial not only to your company but to your employees as well! Here are 5 good reasons why you will love your electronics manufacturing certification:

1. Optimized Production

Employees who are trained by accredited IPC training centers learn to do their work based on internationally accepted quality standards. This raises the volume of quality products and reduces product rejects that translate into lost production time and cost of materials.

2. Increased Revenues

The increase in the volume of acceptable products and decrease in losses can certainly translate into increased revenues. An increase in quality also leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and trust!

3. High Employee Morale

Training develops employee confidence. Confidence in their skills raises employee morale leading to a happy and efficient workforce.

4. Quality Assurance

Adequate training enables your employees to act as their own quality assurance personnel. They can identify which products don’t pass quality standards, isolate these and forward the quality products to the next stage of the manufacturing process. This eliminates duplication of work which saves the company time and money.

5. Improved Cross-Channel Communications

Miscommunication is one of the leading causes of inconsistency and production delays. In the electronics manufacturing industry, it is crucial for manufacturers, EMS providers and vendors to use the same terms and observe the same quality standards. In an IPC-certified setting, everyone involved in the manufacturing process including vendors, production managers, engineers, and production and office staff understand each other because they speak the same language. This results in efficient production and improved coordination.

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