In many of Blackfox’s course titles you’ll find the initials IPC next to the course number. Do you ever find yourself wondering what IPC stands for or what it’s all about? There’s a fascinating history behind the IPC, both the name and the organization itself, which we will discuss in this blog.

In 1957, a group of 6 printed circuit board manufacturers came together to create the Institute of Printed Circuits. The IPC is dedicated to removing supply chain obstacles, developing industry standards, and supporting the progress of the electronics manufacturing industry. Composed of 3700 member companies, the IPC represents all facets of the industry, including design, manufacturing, and electronics assembly and testing. All IPC members are participants in the electronics industry, and IPC works to further their competitive excellence and financial success.

As more and more electronics assembly companies became involved with the IPC, the association changed its name to the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits. However, by the 1990s, most people in the industry couldn’t remember the name. Those who did couldn’t agree on what the words in the name meant. Members didn’t want the name to become cumbersome and awkward, but also did not want to exclude anyone in the name. They wholeheartedly expressed approval for keeping the initials IPC. So in 1999, the association simply became known as IPC. The name is accompanied by the identity statement “Association Connecting Electronics Industries.” The board selected this identity statement because it expresses IPC’s mission of networking and technical exchange while also emphasizing the importance of the printed circuit board.

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