The J-STD-001 certification of the Association Connecting Electronic Industries (IPC) is an individual level certification. It is based on a standard titled “Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies”. This standard enumerates the items required for the soldering of electronic and electrical assemblies such as materials, methods and criteria for verification. This standard stresses the importance of process control and sets industry-concurred requirements for a large number of electronic products.

This CIS training and certification program is appropriate for individuals who are responsible for the quality and reliability of soldered electronic assemblies. This includes training managers, quality assurance supervisors, assembly process engineers, technicians, and individuals with advanced soldering skills.

As a training program, the IPC J-STD-001 focuses on developing an individual’s knowledge and hand soldering skills in order to produce quality soldered connections. The CIS certification provides certified individuals with a handy credential that recognizes their skills and understanding of IPC standards.

Once you complete the IPC J-STD-001 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) Course, you will be issued an IPC certificate which is a testament to your soldering skills and knowledge of the IPC standards of quality.

Benefits of IPC J-STD-001 for Individuals

  • It gives individuals the opportunity to learn the technical requirements of the IPC J-STD-001
  • Graduates of the J-STD-001 training will receive a CIS certificate from an IPC certified industry expert
  • It enables certified graduates to gain industry recognition for their employer and themselves

Benefits of IPC J-STD-001 to Organizations

  • Electronic manufacturing companies can save money by having their staff trained for specific requirements
  • It enables electronic manufacturing companies and electronic manufacturing services to demonstrate to customers their industry-accepted quality control standards
  • It enables providers of electronic manufacturing services to meet the requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electronics manufacturing companies in terms of knowledge, skills, and workmanship.
  • The IPC J-STD-001 is a critical element that works to make any electronics manufacturing organization successful particularly in the areas of hand soldering, electronics assembly, and inspection. In the electronics industry, these are the essentials of excellence.

The standards of quality set by IPC particularly the J-STD-001 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) is accepted and respected by the global electronics industry. The training and certification it provides bears a testament of superb hand soldering skills and thorough knowledge of IPC’s quality standards.

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