Many students and their families automatically think of college as the default path after graduating high school. While college is a great option for a proportion of high school graduates, it’s not necessarily the only option. Depending on their interests and unique financial situations, some high school graduates might consider enrolling in trade or technical schools after graduation. It is important that high school graduates and their families think carefully about which option is the best fit for them. Here we discuss some of the advantages of trade and technical schools that you may not have otherwise thought about.

1. Job Salary: The median salary of a technical or trade school graduate is $35,720, though this number might vary depending on the industry and the job. This figure isn’t too much of a difference from the median salary of a college graduate. Because it typically only takes two years to complete trade or technical school, graduates have an additional two years of income compared to college graduates.

2. Cost of Education: The average trade or technical school degree is about $33,000, whereas the average bachelor’s degree is about $127,000—a difference of $94,000. These figures don’t factor in financing options, though. According to research conducted in 2012, the average college student debt load is $29,900 ($36,327 when factoring in interest) compared to only $10,000 for the average technical or trade school graduate.

3. Job Security: Technical and trade school jobs are less likely to be outsourced to other countries because they typically require a physical presence. In addition, there is a growing domestic demand for high-precision skills. Currently, skilled trade workers are a disproportionately older population, and will continue to get older. There is therefore a need for younger skilled workers to fill their shoes.

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