The electronics industry continues to have a major impact on multiple aspects of our everyday lives. One such aspect is health and wellness.

You might be wondering what on earth electronics has to do with your health.

If this is the case, take a second to think about the various technologies that are used in hospitals and doctors’ offices to diagnose, monitor, and treat diseases. Or the influx of new apps designed to help people manage their health behaviors. Or even the thermometer you would use at home when your child is sick. The healthcare industry is teeming with medical technologies designed to improve health.

For example, a team from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and University of Southern California developed a pacemaker that can be implanted in utero into a fetus. For children who would be born with complete heart block, a condition in which electrical signals do not propagate properly throughout the heart, this could literally be a lifesaver.

Another example of an innovative medical technology is a laser-based hearing aid from EarLens Corporation. Consisting of a tympanic membrane transducer that is non-surgically placed deep into the ear canal on the eardrum and a behind-the-ear audio processor that is connected to a probe and placed in the ear canal, this device uses a combination of light pulses and electronic signals to transmit sound vibrations directly to the eardrum, ultimately enhancing hearing.

Neither of these innovations would have been possible if it weren’t for the contributions electronics industry. A multitude of electronic component comprises the inner workings of these devices, allowing them to function effectively.

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