Finding the right mix of intelligence, talent, work ethic, and cultural fit in an employee is no easy task. If you are struggling to find just the right employee for a particular position, you might consider broadening your reach by recruiting military veterans.

You might be wondering why you should hire a military veteran, especially if your company has nothing to do with the military. According to Business Insider, there is a wealth of benefits that comes with hiring veterans. These benefits are summarized below.

Veterans value hard work. When on deployment, you work every single day with almost no breaks. The military instills a culture of accomplishment, which is very much ingrained in veterans. They take their responsibilities very seriously, they value commitment, and they carry out their assigned tasks with utmost precision.

The military also instills strong leadership skills. As one advances through the military’s ranks, the burden of leadership increases. Veterans therefore have a deep understanding of the importance of cooperation and personal development to the success of a project.

In addition, the military helps one develop a strong intuition, given that military personnel often have to make quick decisions that could have life-or-death consequences.

Veterans have a questioning and honest mentality and openly express when something is wrong. They are not afraid to challenge ideas and to offer alternatives, which is an asset in any organization. They are also more likely than other demographics to start their own businesses, giving them the acumen and resourcefulness to help companies grow quickly from the inside.

The government pays for veteran education, so veterans can excel at their careers and consistently improve their knowledge while on the job through continuing education programs, such as those offered by Blackfox. In addition, employers can receive Department of Defense credits and, depending on the state, payroll tax incentives and subsidies.

The Blackfox Training Institute Is an approved technical training center for eligible veterans wanting to use their GI Bill for education benefits. The Veteran’s Training Program is the first program of its kind to provide veterans with little to no industry experience with the skills to grow their careers in the electronic assembly industry. Upon completion of the course, veterans can qualify for employment in aerospace, defense, medical, and electronic contract manufacturing.

With a trade school certificate from Blackfox, veterans can thrive in any organizational setting. Learn more about the Veteran’s Training Program today.