Schooling and continued education is one of the most important parts of our lives. It can shape what we know, what we do, and how our lives develop. Trade schools, for those looking to jump into a technical career, are often hard to find. The schools that offer all of the training and certifications that you need to start your career or gain teaching credits can be even harder to find. For those in the electronics industry, these certifications come in the form of the Association Connecting Electronics Industries (or IPC) standards, which are recognized across the globe.

So can you just go take IPC courses? The answer is a resounding YES – but only in the right places. You want to find an IPC training center that offers the right IPC courses, and is recognized universally. Blackfox is a premier IPC training center offering all six certifications approved worldwide. If you are looking to get into the electronic manufacturing industry yourself or to teach others – Blackfox can provide any and all of the training and certification that you need to operate anywhere in the world. Whether it is an individual student or the entire employee base of a company, Blackfox provides the resources to provide IPC courses that fit your needs through offering both on-site and structured “on-the-job”  training for students.

But let’s say you don’t want to sign up your entire company to take a course, can you still certify them all and make sure that they live up to the industry’s current standards? Blackfox’s IPC training center can offer a “train the trainer” course, which prepares people not only for their own certification, but allows them to certify others. This kind of efficiency can be invaluable to a large-scale company or consulting firm, but that doesn’t mean that their services can’t help the individual. Each program gives you a portable credential that works in the same way as a degree from a college or a trade school. It gives you what you need to get started. So whatever your specific IPC training needs, make sure you rely on the Worldwide Approved IPC training center at Blackfox!

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