An IPC certification is a very important document any person involved in the manufacture of electronic products must have. Whether you are working for the automotive, aerospace, military, telecommunications, appliances or industrial equipment industry, your IPC certification can really make a difference.

IPC or the Association Connecting Electronics Industry, is a leading certifying body of quality in the electronics industry. It has served an estimated $2.17 trillion electronics industry since its inception in 1957. Since then, IPC has grown to regulate the standards of over 3,500 member companies worldwide.

IPC is known and respected for its commitment to further the “competitive excellence and success“ of enterprises that manufacture, specify, use, and design printed circuit boards and assemblies.

Aside from its commitment to uphold its quality standards in electronics manufacturing, it also promotes itself as a resource for matters related to training, public policy advocacy and market research in the electronics industry.

But it is not the only thing that makes IPC a respected name in the industry. IPC is best known in the electronics industry because of its published and highly accepted quality standards.

Here are three of the best reasons why you need to be certified with IPC:

  • The standards of IPC are the epitome of the ideal practices in the electronics industry and the whole electronics market around the world. An IPC certification is a proof of your knowledge of these practices. Of course, the easiest way to prepare for IPC Certification is by going through the proper IPC training.
  • Cross-channel communication is an important aspect of consistent and acceptable quality in the electronics manufacturing industry. IPC standards are backed with documents that serve as a guide for quality assurance for manufacturers, vendors, government agencies and all other players in the electronics industry. Being IPC-certified allows you and other people from different ends and stages of the electronics manufacturing industry to speak the same language about quality standards.
  • An IPC certification makes you capable of delivering the needs of the electronics industry. It is a proof of your ability to uphold the proper conduct of doing things, from the procurement of materials to process controls to the final assembly of electronic products. It can expand your horizons and improve your opportunities in the electronics market.

Being trained by Blackfox and certified by the Association Connecting Electronic Industries (IPC), you are highly instrumental in the efficient operation of your electronics manufacturing company.

IPC Certification enhances not just your own competency as a technical worker but your employer’s capability to compete with big names in the electronics market. IPC training and certification is a declaration to manufacturers and electronic manufacturing services providers of your technical knowledge and capability to consistently deliver quality workmanship, effectively communicate with people from different levels of the manufacturing process, and maximize production by reducing or eliminating costly mistakes in the manufacturing process.