We at the Blackfox Training Institute can not promote our Veteran’s Training Program enough—we are so excited and proud of this incredible program that we provide. This program not only helps our veterans, but it helps the world at large, as upon completion of the course, veterans can qualify for employment in aerospace, defense, medical and all facets of electronic manufacturing, which is good for everybody.

The Blackfox Training Institute, as an approved technical training center for eligible veterans launched a new training program in 2013. The “Blackfox Veteran’s Training Program” is the first program of its kind to provide veterans who have little to no industry experience with these particular skills to grow their careers in the electronic assembly industry.

How it works

County agencies go through the list of interested individuals and select a group; they assess these individuals for their interest and their ability for this type of industry. Applicants then come to Blackfox, and we filter their interest and ability with skill-based assessments. Those individuals that express interest and ability are then scheduled for upcoming training sessions.

A Message the President/CEO of the Blackfox Training Institute

“This is our third year, and it’s going well. We’ve trained and certified over a 120 individuals and of these graduates, roughly 80% have made it through the program at a class-three level. All of the technical curriculum is developed at an IPC class-three level, the most stringent class, for mostly aerospace companies. The course curriculum is designed and developed based upon industry standards and input from our partnering employers to ensure that the curriculum addresses all of their specific and unique skill requirements.

I am very passionate about our program as it provides our military veterans an opportunity for a career path as a civilian. We work in conjunction and collaboration with various State Departments. Right now, we are primarily working with the Colorado State Department of Labor and Employment, Veteran Services Group, and with manufacturers that want to hire qualified people. We use the state agencies for recruiting veterans, who are transitioning or underemployed and want a career in electronic manufacturing.”

-Al Dill, President/CEO

To learn more about Blackfox’s Veterans Training program, click here or contact us today. We are always happy to talk to anyone who is interested in learning about what we do. We are the leader in providing Quality Training Systems and Custom Courses to the industry’s cutting edge companies.

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