It is an IPC requirement that training re-certification is completed before your 24-certification expires. Stringent guidelines dictate IPC policy regarding the expiration, extension, and reinstatement of IPC certification. The following is an excerpt from IPC policy and procedures from section 5.5 page 6: 

“Re-certification that is accomplished in a ninety (90) day window before or after the existing certification expiration date will be granted a new certification expiration date that is exactly two years following the existing expiration date. That is, early re-certification of up to 90 days will not incur a penalty on the two-year cycle nor will re-certification within the 90-day (maximum) extension of certification add on to the two-year cycle.

When re-certification is accomplished more than 90 days before the existing expiration, new two-year expirations will be established from the actual month of re-certification.

When the term of certification has expired, the CIT or CIS is not authorized to perform the functions of a certified CIT or CIS. The MIT or CIT will make a determination if attending the recertification course is appropriate. Such determination will be based on evaluation of the individual’s use and interaction with the standard. An individual whose certification has been expired more than six months will not be eligible to take the recertification course. In such cases, to re-establish certification the CIT or CIS must attend the full certification course.”

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