After years of working and fighting for the country, veterans often retire from military service with lots of mental challenges especially post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. To make sure that our patriots are able to return to society as productive members, the government has granted them an opportunity to learn soldering skills and get hired by electronics manufacturing companies and other establishments in accordance with Title 38 of the United States Code.

Veterans learn various technical skills during their active duty and one of the most important abilities they acquire is attention to detail. Due to the limited job opportunities for veterans, many of them choose the car repair industry as a second career. Being an automotive technician is a steady, life-long career, but the high risk of injury associated with it makes it a difficult job for veterans.

Fortunately for veterans the government is opening a new door of opportunity for them; to learn and acquire soldering skills by way of certification programs for veterans. Like car repair, soldering can offer technical satisfaction, but it is not associated with the same risks. Soldering jobs are safe and they are conducted in employee-friendly environments.

Important Skills Veterans Carry Over from Service

Many veterans are skilled in engineering, information technology, and communications electronics. These are great skills that can make one qualify to train other individuals who aspire to obtain IPC training and certification.

The Benefits of IPC Veteran Training Programs

High-Level Training. One of the main objectives of the IPC soldering training and certification program is to offer veterans the highest level of electronics manufacturing service (EMS) training regardless of their level of knowledge and experience in the industry.

Employee-Friendly. Soldering is a rewarding job that doesn’t require a high level of education. It allows a veteran to earn up to $15 an hour in a safe and peaceful environment. Moreover, a lot of employers are willing to spend money to have their employees receive IPC certification training. Such opportunities for training and certification are provided by IPC training schools the state has approved. They train veterans and other persons qualified to take the training under the provisions of Title 38 of the United States Code.

Additional Skills and Opportunities. Good IPC training and certification courses like the  veteran training programs in Colorado allow veterans to acquire the skills and certifications needed to qualify for a job in aerospace, electronics manufacturing, medical, and other industries. It carries opportunities that allow men and women who served in the military to integrate back into civilian life.

Some schools that offer IPC training and certification programs for veterans have established a working relationship with contractors of electronic manufacturing companies and the Department of Defense. They supply workers with the appropriate skills and certifications EMS companies and the DoD require to sustain their operations.

IPC training is a great starting point for veterans who have returned to civilian life after years of working in the military.

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