The electronics industry is a free enterprise. It doesn’t require electronic contract manufacturers to hold quality certifications to be allowed to conduct business. In fact, any entity or organization that is capable of procuring and operating electronic manufacturing equipment can consider themselves an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider. There are certifications required by the government, defense contractors and transportation industries whereas many small and medium size businesses do not look for quality certifications from electronic manufacturers they do business with.

If quality certifications are not required, why do many people in the electronics industry care about them?

Quality is a major concern in the electronics industry. Its desire for consistency in the production of electronic products triggered the formulation of standard procedures to ensure that the finished products are designed and built in conformance to established standards.

While it is true that quality certifications are not mandated by the industry, a large majority do care about quality. It’s because customers want value and producing quality products is the best way to fulfill this need.

Companies that recognize the importance of quality standardization have the potential to enjoy specific advantages in the market. This includes improved competitiveness and reduced costs.

Quality certifications are also a sign that an electronics manufacturer is working towards the continuous improvement of their systems and processes. This can lead to improved product quality and streamlined manufacturing processes.

The IPC Certification

IPC stands for Association Connecting Electronics Industries. It is a trade association that sets the standard in the assembly and production of electronic assemblies. The IPC offers an electronics manufacturing certification that has the potential to provide these benefits to original equipment manufacturers and electronic manufacturing service providers:

1. Consistency in the Quality of Finished Products

Consistency in quality is a major factor for profitability and success in the manufacturing business. In order to receive and maintain an IPC certification, OEMs and EMS providers must adhere and conform to guidelines and standards for the consistent production of quality products. Consistency in producing quality products is a result of consistent adherence to standard manufacturing methods and final product specifications. These are two of the most important factors in attaining customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and repeat business.

Failure to consistently comply with accepted IPC standards can result in products that are not acceptable. This can lead to duplication of efforts due to product returns, and innumerable wasted man hours and materials.

2. Improved Cross-Channel Communications

Electronics manufacturing is technical work that involves technical terms and phrases. A mere miscommunication can cause inconsistency and its related consequences which includes product unacceptability and production delays. IPC helps to avoid this by making everyone involved in the electronics manufacturing industry including employees, managers, and suppliers – to speak the same language and follow the same standards.

3. Reduced Costs

Cost reduction is a result of production consistency and improved cross-channel communications combined. When people from different stages of the production process know what to do and how things should be done, it will certainly result in the production of acceptable products at the least possible cost. Why? It is because re-works are eliminated, material returns are reduced, and production time is optimized.

Once you have received a new or renewed IPC certification, certain tasks such as consistently producing high-quality products and communicating with vendors and other people involved in the manufacturing process will become easier. Electronic manufacturing certifications which include electronic technician certification can really help to enhance worker skills and awareness for quality. They make your company a trustworthy stakeholder in the electronics industry, and enable it to see new horizons for business growth.

Earning a quality certification such as IPC is a strategic move any company should consider to standardize quality and make its business move forward.

If you are an OEM or EMS provider, you should see the benefit of quality certification as a means to strengthen your credibility and integrity in the eyes of your customers. If you want to know how it is done, we can train and teach your staff to help you achieve this goal.

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