How old is your soldering iron? Has it been sitting around, gathering dust after years of not being used? Or is it much, much older? Soldering also known as brazing has been a part of our history for thousands of years. This technology, fixing two pieces of metal together, has shaped our civilization for eons. Humans in the Bronze Age made crude weapons using this, ancient Egyptians even recorded the use of a primitive welding as long ago as 3000 B. C. Even today, this technology still shapes our society in significant ways.

How many items that we own have been manufactured using precision soldering techniques? Our phones, computers, medical devices, cars, even our houses themselves are full of advanced, modern uses of this ancient technology. But do many of us know how to use it? If these items break, can we fix them? Ever wonder if you could dust off the old iron and use it yourself? Want to become a part of this age-old industry that is continually evolving? And if you’re already a part of this industry, is your soldering acumen up to the standard? Stop wondering, and get IPC certified at a premier training facility.

The IPC (The Association Connection Electronics Industries) sets the standard for soldering certifications around the world. Since 1957, they provide a bar for us to meet to ensure that when someone solders, they are doing so correctly. So how does one get a soldering certification that meets IPC standards? Blackfox offers an IPC standards soldering certification. Our aim is to train people in the Electronic Manufacturing Industry up to the standards required around the globe. This means guaranteed improvement across the entirety of the workforce. Talented teachers, quality programs, and soldering certifications that are guaranteed to live up to the standards; that is what Blackfox has been providing since 1996. Need a workforce that holds IPC standards soldering certifications? Or even just want to blow the dust off your own soldering iron and continue the practice that has shaped humanity for five thousand years? Talk to a friendly, knowledgeable teacher at Blackfox, and get certified today!

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