The IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries® offers globally-recognized electronic manufacturing training and certification programs on key Electronics Industry Standards. If your employees and other electricians undergo IPC training, they will be able to receive official IPC certification as expert operators and technicians in electronic manufacturing.

The IPC programs for electronic manufacturing certification reflect the highest standards in the industry. These programs are developed by actual users, academics, professional trainers and industry experts. They are up to date and current with the latest technology and requirements. Once your team goes through an electronics manufacturing training program, they will be required to undergo periodic IPC re-certification in order to be updated with the latest trends in the industry.

The main purpose of the IPC training and IPC certification program is to promote best manufacturing practices in electronics as well as enhance individual job performance for each employee. By letting your employees pursue the IPC Certification, you will be able to experience these valuable advantages for your company:

  1. Demonstrate to current and potential customers that quality control practices and are important in your organization. This shows your dedication to provide the best service and highest quality products.
  2. Satisfy strict requirements of OEMs and electronics manufacturing companies who expect all of their suppliers to have a team of fully-certified employees with IPC credentials.
  3. Gain valuable recognition for your company and yourself as a credible and legitimate organization that is certified according to industry standards. It may also open doors for international trading because of quality assurance.
  4. Improve your workforce’s skills through training and certification that will also result in a reduction of your company’s “Cost of Quality” (COQ) as well as improving the overall quality of your electronic products.

When it comes to electronic manufacturing certification, Blackfox is the premier Worldwide Approved IPC Training Center that provides all six current IPC Certifications.  We are the leader in providing Quality Training Systems and Custom Courses to the industry’s leading companies. Blackfox is widely-recognized in the industry for designing courses that offer a hands-on approach and practical application for all learners with a small class size and premier training facilities to guarantee maximum ROI on the training investment. If your employees have little or no assembly knowledge, our courses will provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance their experience. Call (888) 837-9959 today for more info about our training and certification courses!