Soldering is an important process in electronics manufacturing and you need someone who can do it correctly. If your company is looking for employees with soldering certification, you probably have a long list of candidates. Who do you choose? Here is why hiring a Veteran who is an IPC certified soldering technician can be in the best interest of your company.

Veterans Are Quick Learners

By hiring a veteran, you’re putting someone on the team that has the proven ability to learn new concepts. They also bring an incredible set of transferable skills that have been tested in real-world situations. You can increase your organization’s productivity by offering veterans solder training from Blackfox.

Veterans Offer Both Leadership and the Ability to Work With a Team

The military teaches delegation, inspiration and motivation as well as a responsibility to teammates. They know how to manage themselves and others to provide results, no matter the circumstances. Their previous duties include both individual and group productivity – skills that they can put forth for your business when you provide IPC soldering training for electronic manufacturing.

Veterans Bring Efficiency and Accountability Into Play

The military teaches men and women to work with efficiency under tremendous stress. They understand limits on time and resources and will stick with a task until it is completed to exacting standards. They know the value of accountability and responsibility within an organization with subordinates’ actions reflecting on a supervisor’s management skills.

Veterans Show Integrity and Triumph Over Adversity

Veterans are used to working with honesty and integrity in covert situations and your company can make use of that. They are an excellent choice for employees with needed security clearance, and who couldn’t use more sincere employees that they can trust? Veterans also have faced great adversity and won. They’ve overcome critical mission and personal situations that require stamina, endurance and determination, so they’re more likely to stay with a job until it’s finished and offer personal maturity.

Soldering is Especially Suitable for Veterans

With proper soldering certification, a veteran can be a great employee. Some military members like Marines Water Support Technicians are used to using their soldering skills to install and repair structure systems. It’s a great vocation for physically disabled vets because it can be performed while sitting down, and it works for the mentally disabled because it can be completed alone or in groups. Many companies like yours will pay them well and offer free training, so beginning costs are low to non-existent making the job more attractive.

Hiring veterans for your open soldering position can be beneficial to both military families and your bottom line. They are model employees with transferable skills, providing efficient and productive work, so you can be proud to add them to your team.

Blackfox offers exceptional training and IPC certification for your employees at varying levels of skill.

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