In a recent report by GlobeNewsWire.Com, Global Market Insights, Inc reported in their research that the electronic manufacturing services sector is expected to reach $650 billion by 2024. This global industry growth is spurred by the exponential demand for consumer electronics and devices such as smartphones and tablets. The US market alone dominates global electronics manufacturing with the country’s demand projected to surpass the $70 billion mark by 2024. This has resulted in the lightning fast growth of various electronics manufacturing companies. The resurgence of manufacturing jobs returning to the US or coming to the US for the first time has also increased in recent years which is good news for the jobs market in the industry. This re-shoring of production and manufacturing opens up numerous job possibilities in the years to come.

Electronics manufacturing deals with the design, manufacture, testing, distribution and repair of electronic components and assembling these components for equipment manufacturers. Interested job applicants are required to have electronic manufacturing certifications in order to work with the tools, equipment, materials, techniques and even technology involved in the manufacturing process. There are several specializations and certifications available to meet industry requirements and allow you to carry out the daily tasks involved properly.

The first step for interested applicants is to look for an electronic manufacturing certification company that offers complete courses and industry-related training that meet IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries standards. IPC is the industry association for printed circuit board and electronics manufacturing service companies, their customers and suppliers. The association offers globally recognised industry-traceable training and electronic manufacturing certification programs on key Electronics Industry Standards.

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