Through Hole Soldering


This course is a must for anyone that touches a soldering iron. The purpose of the course is to promote best manufacturing practices and develop the individual’s fine-motor skills, which are essential to building acceptable Through Hole assemblies.


Blackfox is widely recognized in the industry for designing courses with hands-on, practical application for our learners. This course will benefit learners with little or no knowledge in Through Hole soldering, as well as learners who are seeking skill enhancements. Workmanship for this course is based on IPC standards, although Blackfox can customize the course to reflect all industry workmanship standards and individual customer requirements.



This is an in-depth study of all elements associated with through hole assembly, and soldering skills and techniques. Upon successfully completing this learning activity, learners will obtain and demonstrate the ability to:

  • Identify the correct solder tip for the task
  • Correctly use hand tools
  • Correctly form and mount components
  • Create acceptable solder joints to industry standards
  • Inspect work for conformance to the standards
  • Demonstrate touch-up techniques for Through Hole connections
  • Successfully pass a written & practical exam with a combined score of 80% or better


  • An Instructor manual providing complete directions for conducting course
  • Visual aids on CD Rom/USB Drive
  • Written exams for learner qualification
  • Practical exams for learner qualification


Prerequisite: None
Class Length: 1 day
Price: Call for quote*
Certification Length: 24 months

* To schedule this training or for hosting in your area please contact Blackfox. Quantity discounts will apply.