IPC Certification

The Salient Benefits of IPC Training and Certification to Businesses and Individuals

Electronics is an ever evolving industry, and it owes its phenomenal advancement to technology, unparalleled technical skills, smart decisions and excellent performance of the people and machines involved in the manufacturing and assembly process. Because of its ever-changing demands, and to establish standards of quality, certain stakeholders in the industry formed the Association Connecting…

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circuit board with blue tone

4 Important Events in the Evolution of the Printed Circuit Board

These days, most pieces of technology include at least one printed circuit board. They are one of the most innovative inventions of the last century and are of great interest to those who are drawn towards electronic technician certification. A complex invention, not only do…

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brain with circuit board texture.vector

Electronic Technician Training to Launch Your Career

Circuit boards and electricity play a vital role in many elements of our daily lives. They run our cars, our homes, our phones, and even some of us. Becoming an electronics tech who handles the very detailed and exact kind of work to build and repair electronics takes years…

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