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Monthly Archives: June 2019

3 Challenges Facing the Electronic Manufacturing Industry

The robust demand for electronic products in the United States suggests the economic significance of the electronic manufacturing industry. As the global marketplace is always changing, industry players are finding ways to keep up with new technologies and trends. Electronic manufacturing firms discover new techniques and innovate and ensure they stay ahead of the competition. [...]

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IPC Soldering Training for Veterans – Opening Doors of Opportunities for Heroes

After years of working and fighting for the country, veterans often retire from military service with lots of mental challenges especially post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. To make sure that our patriots are able to return to society as productive members, the government has granted them an opportunity to learn soldering skills and get [...]

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The Salient Benefits of IPC Training and Certification to Businesses and Individuals

Electronics is an ever evolving industry, and it owes its phenomenal advancement to technology, unparalleled technical skills, smart decisions and excellent performance of the people and machines involved in the manufacturing and assembly process. Because of its ever-changing demands, and to establish standards of quality, certain stakeholders in the industry formed the Association Connecting Electronics [...]

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Quality Certification – How Electronic Manufacturing Companies Can Benefit from Them

The electronics industry is a free enterprise. It doesn’t require electronic contract manufacturers to hold quality certifications to be allowed to conduct business. In fact. Any entity or organization that is capable of procuring and operating electronic manufacturing equipment can consider themselves as electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providers. As for certifications, they can be specifically [...]

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