Since we at Blackfox, a state of the art training center for ipc have our very own Veteran’s Training Program, veterans are particularly near and dear to our heart—we have a strong connection to these men and women who have served our country.

With that said, we realize that not everyone knows a veteran or has awareness of their needs and service that they have offered to our country. We at Blackfox want to do everything we can to support our veterans, and sometimes that means simply raising awareness to the world at large about how others can help.

Inspired by a recent article by CNN, we have compiled a top 3 “how you can support veterans” list.

There are so many more ways than are on this list, but, we thought we’d keep it to a manageable size to get you started:

1. Be sure to vote.

Not only is it important to vote, but it is important to pay attention to who you are voting for when it comes to the attitude of the candidate’s attitude towards veterans. Be sure to examine the policy of running candidates and see what sort of support they will offer to veterans. Congress passes laws that will dictate how veterans are treated, and they pass budgets and funding measures that will affect various veteran benefit programs, and confirms the people who run the VA.

2. Volunteer for a Non-Profit or Organization that Supports Veterans

There are many non-profits and organizations out there dedicated to helping veterans. For example, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ “Stand Down” program helps homeless veterans combat life on the streets. Stand Downs are usually one to three day events to provide food, shelter, clothing and health screenings to homeless and unemployed veterans. To find a your local Stand Down program, reach out to your local VA hospital in the VA Medical Center Directory.

3. Share their Stories

So many veterans’ stories have been left untold. That said, there are many ways you can help to share their stories. The Library of Congress is collects the tales of veterans of every war with the Veterans History Project. If you know a veteran, and they have a story they want to tell, you can help connect them to the Library of Congress. For directions on how to get involved, check out the Veterans History Project.

Those are just a few things you can do to get started. We will share another blog soon about other ways you can help our dear veterans.

The Blackfox Training Institute is a state-of-the-art IPC training center approved for the training of veterans and take great pride in our veterans training program. Our credentials qualify Blackfox as an approved training center for eligible Veterans wanting to use their GI Bill for educational benefits. All five of our IPC Training and Certification Programs have been approved for funding.

Call Blackfox today at (888) 837-9959 to sign up for or learn more about our Veterans Training Program.

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