A universally recognized standard in workmanship for the wire harness industry didn’t exist until the IPC-WHMA-A-620 was developed.  Thus, before the IPC 620, cable and wire harness manufacturers didn’t have a baseline for a finished product with acceptable quality.

Today, the A-620 standard is upheld by many cable and wire harness manufacturers across the world to ensure that best practices and regulatory requirements are followed.

More and more wire harness manufacturers are successfully adopting the A-620 standard and investing in their employees, letting them train and take an IPC 620 certification online.  Here’s why:

Streamlined Cross-Channel Communication

The IPC-WHMA-A-620 is the universal standard used for communication between OEM’s and wire harness manufacturers.  This common language helps the OEM’s and manufacturers to communicate more effectively, especially when working on projects with unique build specifications.

More and more companies now refer to the A-620 standard for their designs.  Companies who have workforces trained in the A-620 standard distinguish themselves among their competition in the industry.

Improved Compliance And Quality

A-620 is now a world-class training and certification, recognized by ISO and customer auditors.  This standard also ensures that the manufacturing process complies with regulatory requirements.

It also standardizes the procedure for the productivity and efficiency of assembly personnel to maintain excellent quality of output.  The standard is also used for identifying opportunities to improve the manufacturing process.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

OEMs nowadays aren’t just looking for suppliers.  As more and more companies across the world become A-620 certified, customers are now looking for expert solution providers who adhere to regulatory standards.

When a manufacturer has an A-620 certified workforce, they are far better equipped to provide value-added services and not just supply components and material.  Being able to cater to the specific needs of OEMs gives a manufacturer an edge over its competition.

Industry Competitiveness And Credibility

Wire harness manufacturers with A-620 certified professionals make a statement that they are legitimate and that they are committed to meet customer’s needs to the maximum extent while ensuring regulatory compliance and delivery of quality output.

Having an A-620 certification shows that a manufacturing company has the capability, credibility, and dedication to providing top quality products to its customers while building and valuing true partnership.

Investment In Industry Professionals

An A-620 certification helps manufacturers avoid skill-gap issues that are quite common in the manufacturing industry. An IPC 620 certification online with training equips employees with the skills and knowledge in every aspect of wire processing, such as stripping, cutting, and testing.  Aside from this, they’ll also be able to spot any flaws with the parts as they work within the production team.

When companies require their employees to train and obtain IPC certification online, it shows their willingness to invest in their employees and, as a result, correctly place them in a much better position to succeed.

Companies that require their staff to obtain IPC certification online prove their commitment to producing cables and wire harness assemblies of the highest quality, and in turn, win the trust of their customers.