Assembling a circuit board. Technological background

IPC Training & Certification Benefits COVID-19

3 Benefits of IPC Training and Certification during the COVID-19 Crisis
In the early months of the pandemic, China’s factories were shut down, and this caused a domino effect on the whole electronics manufacturing industry. The supply chain was the primary…

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Very high resolution rendering of an electronic circuit

4 Things About IPC-6012 Certification Online

The core component of every electronic device is the printed circuit board (PCB). For many years, the IPC-A-600, and IPC-6012 have determined the standards for the workmanship quality of PCB’s. The 6012 specifically, is geared towards the rigid PCB’s and its manufacturing process…

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Multicolored electric - power cables on white background.

IPC-WHMA-A-620 Online for Wire Harness

A universally recognized standard in workmanship for the wire harness industry didn’t exist until the IPC-WHMA-A-620 was developed. Thus, before the IPC 620, cable and wire harness manufacturers didn’t have a baseline for a finished product with acceptable quality…

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