Veteran Unemployment

Nearly one out of every ten veterans is unemployed. Statistics like this are disturbing, to say the least. Veterans have provided an important service for our country and those of us who live safely within it. Despite their dedication to our country and citizens, hundreds of thousands of veterans find themselves without a means of employment in our society. Transitioning from active duty back into the day-to-day workings of society can be jarring to say the least. After years of working in a structured environment like the military, having a job that doesn’t seem consistent or guaranteed can be an alarming concept. That’s why trade jobs, like electronics manufacturing, are so appealing to veterans. Working on something tactile and structured is the perfect fit for a veteran looking to get back into the workforce. In addition to the consistency of the electronics industry, many veterans find it to be almost therapeutic to create something that is used every day by millions.

Skills Training

Having a skill that can be useful regardless of location or a specific employer is appealing to veterans looking for job security. Getting into the electronics industry can be a very good way to do this. Receiving credentials like a soldering certification can essentially guarantee some form of income in any number of environments. It can however be tricky to find the soldering training to start heading down this path. Getting a soldering certification should be something that is recognized worldwide and provide a sense of security in the minds of anyone who goes through the training required.

IPC Certification

Thankfully there is a worldwide standard for those who want to enter into the electronics industry. This is maintained by the IPC (the Association Connecting Electronics Industries) and companies like Blackfox make sure that any training that they supply will meet these standards that are recognized worldwide. So whether you’re a veteran looking to find a job that provides security and reliability, or just someone looking to get into the electronics manufacturing market, contact Blackfox, and get the credentials that will empower you to enter into this exciting industry.