According to the IPC or Association Connecting Electronics Industries, IPC Certification and Training plays a very important role in bringing value and elevating the electronics industry through a highly-competent and skilled workforce. In a highly-competitive and continuously changing industry, the workforce needs to be trained, educated and certified through programs that are built around standards that have been developed and approved by the industry.

An IPC Certification is a set of globally-recognized and industry-traceable training and certification programs within a classroom setting. You learn about key electronics industry standards that quality assurance teams, members of top management and even machine operators are required to know. When you become IPC Certified, you immediately become more attractive to potential employers in the electronics industry.

For companies and business-owners within the electronics industry, it is essential that employees in the organization posses IPC training and electronics technician certifications. Investing in these programs for your workforce can result in consistency in manufacturing methods and consumer satisfaction. Having a trained workforce also demonstrates that the company is particular about quality control practices and industry standards, which in return will allow your company to gain valuable industry recognition. Finally, if you are an OEM manufacturer and electronics supplier, quality assurance initiatives such as industry-standard certifications allow companies to expand into the international market.

By consistently keeping your IPC certifications up-to-date and ensuring that your workforce is certified and trained, your organisation will be able to efficiently produce high-quality products that follow the same set of standards across other vendors, manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. This will help cut down on production costs, minimize reworking of products, save time, and transform your company into a trusted provider in the electronics industry.

When it comes to IPC Certification, Blackfox is the leader in providing Quality Training Systems and Custom Courses to the industry’s cutting edge companies. In addition, the company is one of only three Worldwide Approved IPC Training Centers that provides all six current IPC Certifications.

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