In the electronics and electrical industries, soldering is a much valued and needed skill as it establishes strong connections in printed circuit boards and across wires. In essence, you could say that these fields could not manufacture products without trained IPC certification holders.

What Exactly Is Soldering? And, What Is Solder?

Solder, a metal alloy with a low melting-point, is a substance used to fuse metal parts. Even though it is a glue-like material that joins parts together, it can break, resulting in electronic and electrical malfunctions. As soldering is a skill, an IPC certification will make you stand out amongst untrained workers who do not hold a professional license.

What Can I do With Soldering Training?

The electronics industry is, by far, the largest provider of soldering jobs. When you think about it, nearly any product that we use nowadays runs on batteries and has a circuit board. Without exception, these circuit boards are made by hand by someone with IPC training. This type of work requires precision and skill, as well as a variety of different soldering techniques. Additionally, soldering necessitates a familiarity with inner electronics workings and the knowledge of reading technical drawings.

In-Class, Hands-On IPC Certificate Training from Blackfox

Soldering is an intricate skill and requires supervised, hands-on training in a classroom setting. For instance, students in the Circuit Technology course cover several topics apart from IPC soldering standards including wire harness assembly inspection, soldering inspection, and rework and repair. Further training earns CIS certification or specialized IPC certification, all possible through the completion of post-training labs and written exams.

Unsurpassed Standards In The Industry

To meet rigorous industry standards, Blackfox’s IPC soldering course, as well as our other training courses, exceeds industry standards to ensure that our students are highly trained. When it comes down to it, companies that are looking to hire always regard IPC certificate holders as an employee with guaranteed skills.